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Welcome to the website of Bryan and Caroline Hounsell. You will see from our original post we were hoping to have completed the entire trip by now. However, having run out of money in Perth, Australia we had to return home and both get jobs. 18 months later and we’re slightly older and not much wiser but have saved enough to embark on the next adventure.

The first trip took us through 16 countries, driving 38,000 km over a period of 13 months. Check out the photo gallery and travel updates for more information. The plan now is to drive from Alaska to Patagonia which coincidentally will be approximately 38,000 kms. This time we’re driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 80, a robust 4-wheel drive beast of a truck, with limited luxuries and a roof tent. We’re going basic.

Mario, our beloved Mercedes Vario, was sold on our return to the UK as we decided we wanted the freedom of a smaller, 4-wheel drive vehicle, especially for when we tackle the roads in South America.  Our Land Cruiser, nicknamed Bowser to keep the Mario theme going, was purchased back in May 2016 and Bry has been planning the conversion ever since (photos coming soon).

We plan to ship Bowser to Halifax, Nova Scotia at the end of May 2017 and we’ll fly out a week later to start our trek across Canada, up into Alaska and then a straight run down the Pan American Highway. The aim is to be in Patagonia for New Year’s Eve 2017. Achievable if we can make the budget stretch.

You will see from our previous trip that a lot goes into planning and preparation and this time has been no different. However, we’re not going to bore you with too much detail about Bowser’s conversion or the hassle of getting our American Visas, but if you would like more information then please feel free to get in touch.

Sadly due to spam and attempted hacks on our website we’ve had to remove the ‘member’ facility and the ability to comment and email too. This means that you’ll have to find us on Facebook and make a comment or send a message that way, all of which are gratefully received.  As always we will get back to you as soon as we can, internet access allowing.



Welcome to our website which we will use to keep you updated on our travels.  

We are Bryan and Caroline, two Brits hoping to drive 'Mario' our Mercedes Vario campervan around the world (hence Super Vario World!).

The Plan is to leave home in Cheltenham, UK heading to Australia for Christmas 2014.  After 6 months in Australia we then plan to ship Mario to South America, drive up the West Coast aiming for Alaska, across Canada before shipping home.

Since meeting in 2002 we have done various vehicle based holidays, but have always dreamt of doing a 'Big Trip'.  In early 2011 we decided to make the dream come true.  Since then pretty much every decision we have made has been geared towards our adventure.  If you are interested, more details are on the Preparation page.  

We hope to keep you updated through our blog and where possible we will be uploading photos to our Gallery.  




Any problems with the website - please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!